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At the last meeting of The Addy Community group we agreed we would start to run a regular drop-in coffee morning for the local community. We want to encourage more community use of the building as we put together our bid to take over the running of the building from the Council. So come along […]

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Restoring Dark Ln in Warley Town

by jamesbaker on 17 October, 2014

A few years ago Calderdale Council made a ‘temporary’ repair to Dark Ln in Warley Town. This repair involved removing the traditional cobbles and replacing them with Tarmac. For those of you who don’t know Warley Town is a very picturesque conservation area within Warley Ward. Former Liberal Democrat Councillor Jennifer Pearson had secured a […]

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Super Fast Broadband comes to Fountainhead

by jamesbaker on 4 April, 2014

Last year I wrote about our campaigning to try and get superfast broadband to Fountainhead village . I was therefore very pleased to receive an email this morning inviting me along to the opening of the first superfast cabinet to be opened with the Super Fast West Yorkshire programme. Campaigning for broadband in the village has […]

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We have been working on a cross-party basis to come up with a series of amendments to Labour’s budget proposals for Calderdale Council. One of the proposals that i’m really pleased to see being put forward is a proposal that each of the ward forum in Calderdale each be given their own budget of £5,000 […]

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Seems very short sighted to sell what could be a fantastic community resource, particularly as so much money has been spent on it already. – Chrisse Coyle We must all work to “Save the Pellon Network Centre” – Cllr Andrew Halewood This centre is essential for this area. There are lots of needy elderly and […]

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Happy Hounds

by jamesbaker on 24 July, 2013

Next Wednesday the 31st July see’s Halifax Happy Hounds taking place within Warley ward. This event will be going from 12-3pm on Ling Bob playing fields. This event is all about promoting responsible dog ownership and is being held in response to the growing concern surrounding dog fouling and responsible owners. The event is being […]

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Supporting a fair deal for your local

by jamesbaker on 5 June, 2013

Councillor Ashley Evans and I are supporting a fair deal for you local. This campaign is calling reform of the PubCo industry to stop landlords being exploited by large companies that tie them into buying their beer. Around a third of pubs in the UK are run by these large companies, who charge such prices […]

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More one party rule than one nation

by jamesbaker on 9 May, 2013

Labour can currently only run Calderdale Council by working in coalition, or by forming a weak minority administration. The later requires one of the other political groups to abstain and effectively hand them control. Whether we like it or not, the electorate of Calderdale have chosen (the share of the vote figures are: LD 24%; […]

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West End Golf Club Proposals

by jamesbaker on 26 April, 2013

West End  Golf Club has approached Calderdale Council regarding an asset transfer application to use some of the land on Roils Head.  Councillor Evans and myself attended a meeting with the club to understand what they wanted to do. We agreed to carry out a bit of initial informal survey work with residents so we […]

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Health records in Calderdale under threat

by jamesbaker on 13 February, 2013

A new NHS database is threatening medical confidentiality, and risks damaging people’s trust in their doctors.  GPs in Calderdale are being asked to supply sensitive information stored on patient’s medical records as part of the ‘Everyone Count’s’ programme. The intention of this programme is to open up access to patient’s information for researchers, and private organisations. Information […]

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