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How to comment on Calderdale Council’s local plan

by jamesbaker on 4 September, 2017

New research published today reveals there are a record 475,647 homes in England which have been given planning permission but have yet to be built. The study, commissioned by the Local Government Association and carried out by industry experts Glenigan, shows this bumper backlog has grown at a rapid pace over the past few years. […]

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Outrage over Council plans to build on green spaces

by jamesbaker on 1 December, 2015

Calderdale Council has announced its consultation on the sites its planning to allocate for housing within the Ward. If the sites included in this consultation were to make it into the local plan we would lose almost every green space in the ward. I’ve been working with Liberal Democrat campaigner Ashley Evans to launch major campaign […]

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There is currently a housing development going on down by the Maltings College in Fountinhead Village. The development is on the old depo site, which is known locally as ‘the slab’ by some residents. The development of 47 affordable homes is being undertaken by the Housing Association ‘Home Group. The development has been set back […]

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Bedroom Tax needs to be scrapped

by jamesbaker on 15 July, 2014

The interim report on the removal of the spare room subsidy aka Bedroom Tax makes for sobering reading. Only 4.5% of those affected have downsized to a smaller property, compared to 6% who have been forced to borrow on either credit card or take out loans to cover their additional costs. It’s clear from the […]

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Pride in Pellon

by jamesbaker on 12 June, 2013

At last nights ward forum Paul Tait from the Action for Pellon Community group rightly raised concerns about the state of the Pellon estate and the lack of investment from Pennine Housing or Calderdale Council. Paul is right In recent years neighboring communities have seen investment in their estates and housing stock.  Take for instance […]

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