New bus Routes Serving Calder High School

We were contacted a few months ago by resident’s living within Warley Ward who were complaining about the time it was taking their children to get to Calder High. We are very pleased to say that we have been successful in lobbying for two new school busses that will serve people living in Mount Tabor, Norton Tower, Pellon, Moor End Road and Highroad Well.

We are pleased to begin the operation of two new services from Wainstalls, Mixenden, Mount Tabor, Norton Tower and Pellon areas of Halifax to Calder High School. These routes will commence from Monday 27th February, 2017. The routes and times are:C82: Wainstalls Turning Circle (07:50) – Mount Tabor Road – Heath Hill Road – Roils Head Road (08:00) – Gibbet Street – Warley Road – Burnley Road (08:10) – Calder High (08:20)

C83: Mixenden Road near Crag Lane (07:50) – Clough Lane – Mount Tabor Road – Moor End Road – Highroad Well Lane – Roils Head Road (08:00) – Gibbet Street – Warley Road – Burnley Road (08:10) – Calder High (08:20)

You can view a map of the route here

Both routes operate AM to school and PM from school (departing school at 15:10 and arriving Wainstalls/Mixenden at 15:40 following the above routes in reverse).

To ride on these services you must register for a place. Please complete this application form.

All bus stops on each route will be observed. The fare is £1.10 with an Under 16 Photo-Card or 16-18 Photo-Card (else full adult fare applies).

Traffic Calming – Mount Pellon School Battison Road – Now to include Blackwood Grove

The Council has drawn up plans that would see humps outside of Mount Pellon School on Battison Road. I’m personally in favour of traffic calming outside of all schools, and would very much like to see a scheme like this outside of Ling Bob School and Christ Church too.

One problem with the Battison Raod scheme as initially drawn up was that it missed off Blackwood Grove. There is a nursery entrance to the school along this road so it made sense for it to be included too. After a resident raised this issue I got in contact with the Council officer responsible for drawing up the plans. The good news is that today he has confirmed that Blackwood Grove will be included in the scheme.

I’ve amended the plans so that they provide for three round-topped road humps and a new warning sign to be provided on Blackwood Grove, as suggested.

Mini Roundabout at Junction of Highroad Well Lane, Court Lane, Paddock Lane

I recently raised  safety concerns about the mini roundabout at the junction of Highroad Well Lane, Court Lane, and Paddock Lane. I was hoping perhaps that there might be an engineer solution that would make this roundabout safer as currently a number of drivers are cutting across it and making dangerous manoeuvres on it.
Today I got a reply from the Council’s road safety officer. It seems a bit like passing the buck here to the Police. No doubt if we contact the Police they will say the Council needs to make improvements to the road to improve safety! I’m not convinced the Police have anything like the traffic enforcement capacity to deal with problems like this.
Dear Cllr Baker
Thank you for raising your concern over the illegal driving behaviour taking place at the mini roundabout at the junction of Highroad Well Lane, Court Lane and Paddock Lane. The issue of taking action against such behaviour lies with the Police and we would encourage those who have raised the matter with you to approach the Police on the issue.
Kind regards
Road Safety Officer

Council update on winter weather 03/03/16

I’ve received the following email form the Highways Department in advance of the predicted heavy snow tomorrow.
Dear Cllrs
This is a quick email to give you an update on tonight’s plan for the forecasted snow. This weather is due to commence at around 21:00 this evening on all roads within the Calderdale Area and will run until late into the working day on Friday. The higher grounds will continue to see snow well into Saturday.
We are currently pre salting the high ground and then from 19:00 patrol units out on the highest points of Calderdale treating and monitoring the weather until 21:00.
At 21:00 all fleet will be called in to start the full precautionary treatment of the routes and this will be continuous into Friday morning. We also have all available extra plant on standby ready to come out should it be needed.
If snow fall is as heavy as it is predicted it is possible that only the main roads will be concentrated on and some of the precautionary treatment network might have to be left until conditions improve.
Please advise residents that we are treating all major routes and keeping the network open, all available plant is on the network and any priority roads will be attended once the precautionary routes are clear and plant is available.
We have tried to bulk fill all salt bins and replenish salt piles before this weather has arrived we are aware some may not have been filled, but the majority are filled for people to use.
Forecasted Weather
Mostly dry today with some bright or sunny spells but also a lot of cloud and the odd shower in the west. Cloud will increase this evening with rain spreading from the west later. The rain is likely to turn heavy during the night and will fall as sleet or snow across higher routes with significant accumulations possible. As the night goes on, the snow level may fall allowing a risk of snow at lower levels later in the night.
Tomorrow will see the rain, sleet and snow continue but the snow level should gradually rise due to a freshening easterly breeze. The rain looks like it may linger into the evening, with snow possible on high Pennine routes in the west through the evening. Confidence is low for tomorrow evening due to uncertainty over when the rain/snow may clear.
Snow summary:
Thursday 2100-0600: Snow initially around 300-350m but falling to 250m during the night, possibly down to 150/200m in heavier bursts. 3-6cm possible above 300m, 2-5cm above 250m and 1-4cm possible at lower levels.
Friday 0600-1800: Slushy covering at lower levels, A further 1-4cm above 200m, 2-5cm above 300m.  
Friday 1800-1000: 1-3cm above 300m if snow lingers

Residents on Gleanings Avenue left in the dark

Since Sunday night on the 21st February residents living on Gleannings Avenue have been left without street lighting due to a fault. I’ve raised this problem with the Council’s Highways Department. A contractor has finally been out to visit now but they were unable to fix the fault on the first attempt, and are now having to do ‘investigations’ to find out what the problem is. I’ve been told I will be kept abreast of any updates from the Highways Department. Hopefully this will get sorted soon!

Meeting to discuss Brow Foot Gate Lane Proposals

This is a rather long post, but it’s worth reading. It includes a covering letter explaining the current consultation that is being carried out around Brow Foot Gate Lane, and the two proposed options. There is a public meeting at  St John’s Church, Windle Royd Lane at 7 – 00pm on Thursday March 3rd.

Trimmingham  Residents’ Group

Dear Trimmingham Resident


As you will have been aware for some time there have been serious concerns amongst the residents of Trimmingham Lane, Brow Foot Gate lane, Churn Lane & Trimmingham Road about the unregulated traffic flow from Warley Road towards Burnley Road. This traffic is clearly not local residential traffic but significant volume traffic seeking an alternative to the King Cross Junction for journeys heading westwards on the A646 & A58. The sheer volume of this traffic presents the residents of Trimmingham with a safety threat which cannot be ignored.

Local residents Peter Neale & John Taylor- Robinson have been campaigning for the last two years for the council to address this situation. Their pressure, and your petition, has resulted in Calderdale Council acknowledging this problem and requesting the Highways department to look closely at the problem. The Highways department has developed two options for a re – configuring of the traffic flow arrangements in your immediate area.

Those options, and the explanation  of their function, are contained in the proposals in this mailing. Please read the details carefully and discuss with your family and neighbours and fellow residents. You will then get an opportunity to discuss the proposals further at a public meeting of Trimmingham residents which has been arranged to help clarify the options. That meeting will take place at St John’s Church, Windle Royd Lane at 7 – 00pm on Thursday March 3rd and will be attended by an officer from the Highways & Engineering Department of Calderdale Council who will respond to your questions.

The accompanying documents includes an opportunity for you to express a preference for one of the options. You may wish to bring this with you to the meeting where it can be handed into one of your ward councillors or you may wish to take it home for further consideration with your family. It will then be collected by  Friday March 11th. The data from the completed questionnaires will be collated by the Highways department and used to inform the final decision.

It is unlikely that the final decision will satisfy all views but if a new traffic flow system brings an end to the use of Trimmingham as a ‘rat run’ that threatens the safety of residents then it will be a success.

We do hope that you are able to attend the meeting and help us make this decision. Should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact councillors Burton & James on the contact details displayed below.

Yours faithfully  ( on behalf of Trimmingham Residents Group ),


C’ll’r.  J. Baker          07817605162

C’ll’r.  M. Burton.   01422 203393





In 2014, following concerns about inappropriately high volumes of non-local traffic from Warley Road using Brow Foot Gate Lane (BFGL) as a “rat run” to gain access to Burnley Road, a petition was organised by two residents.  The petition called upon Calderdale Council to take action to prevent BFGL from being used as a “rat run”. The ever-increasing traffic presents a hazard to pedestrians, particularly school children, young mothers with buggies and local residents’ traffic.

The petition was signed by an overwhelming majority (72%) of the residents of BFGL, Kelvin Crescent, Kelvin Avenue, Brow Foot Drive and Willow Rise.  In response to this petition, the Council paid a random visit to the area and recorded an extremely high traffic count of 223 vehicles over a period of 1.75 hours.

The Department of Transport’s projected traffic forecast concludes that, between 2015 to 2025, traffic volumes will increase by 19%.  Extrapolating these figures to BFGL would mean that the number of vehicles could, over time, increase from 223 to 265.

The Council has now drawn up two alternative options in an attempt to resolve this issue, which are described overleaf and illustrated on the attachments.  This position has only been achieved by sustained and protracted pressure on the Council through correspondence with the Council’s Chief Executive, the Highways Department itself, the local MP, the Local Government Ombudsman and enlisting the aid of the local media by those two residents, together with the ongoing support of Councillors Baker and Burton over a period of two years.  If this opportunity to permanently resolve the “rat run” problem is not seized now, it is unlikely that a further opportunity will present itself in the future because of the time and effort required to force the Council to act, a commitment which other residents in the future might not wish to, or be unable to, take on board.

Adoption of either option may result in inconvenience to some residents to a greater or lesser extent but the consequences of not taking any action will undoubtedly, as traffic volumes increase, have an adverse and intolerable impact on all residents far in excess of any inconvenience resulting from the adoption of either of the proposed two options.

Apart from the potential risk of personal injury from the unacceptable volume of through traffic, considerable inconvenience to residents is already being experienced from the congestion caused by tailbacks of “rat run” traffic attempting to exit Willow Drive on to Burnley Road.  There has been a spate of accidents at this junction recently, which adds to that congestion as vehicles are prevented from exiting Willow Drive by emergency vehicles dealing with the aftermath of those accidents.  Such congestion will only increase and worsen in the future.

Regardless of whichever of the two options is adopted, it is extremely unlikely that the favoured option will be implemented before the end of 2016 because of Council procedures and the legal processes that have to be undertaken in order to ratify any decision.

Your completed forms will be collected either at the residents’ meeting or in the next few days following that meeting and the information on those forms will be forwarded to the Council in order to assist the decision-making process.


Option 1 -Brow Foot Gate Lane

The total closure of BFGL at its junction with Churn Lane and Trimmingham Road, will incorporate the re-instatement of a two-way traffic flow from Burnley Road into BFGL and parking restrictions on Kelvin Avenue between the hours of 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. and on Trimmingham Lane opposite Plane Tree Nest Lane at all times.

The re-instatement of a two-way traffic flow at the top of Willow Rise could benefit the majority of local residents.

Vehicles parking at the bottom of Kelvin Avenue prevent its residents with caravans and motorhomes turning right onto BFGL.  The introduction of parking restrictions will allow those residents to turn right.

Vehicles parking opposite Plane Tree Nest Lane force traffic driving up Trimminham Lane to overtake on the brow of a hill and on a blind bend.  The introduction of parking restrictions will eliminate the need to perform this extremely hazardous manoeuvre.

This option might inconvenience a minority of residents but will permanently prevent the use of BFGL as a “rat run” from Warley Road and will prevent Churn Lane from being used as a shortcut to BFGL by HGVs.

Option 2 – Brow Foot Gate Lane

The introduction of one-way systems will incorporate the narrowing of the top of Churn Lane (creation of a pinch point) and parking restrictions on Kelvin Avenue between the hours of 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. and on Trimmingham Lane opposite Plane Tree Nest Lane at all times.

The one-way system on Warley Street and the closure of Warley Lane should prevent “rat run” traffic accessing BFGL from Spring Hall Lane/Warley Road.  The introduction of a short one-way system on the lower end of Trimmingham Road should prevent “rat run” traffic entering the top end of Trimmingham Road from Warley Road in order to access the lower end of Trimmingham Road and then onto BFGL.

The narrowing of Churn Lane will stop HGVs using the lane as a shortcut but not restrict cars.

The benefits of the parking restrictions are outlined in Option 1.

This option might not cause as much inconvenience as Option 1 but there is no guarantee that “rat run” traffic will not simply ignore the one-way restrictions in the knowledge that the Police will not enforce those restrictions.  Most residents will be aware that the one-way system currently in force on Willow Drive is regularly ignored.

Scrutiny panel recommends a budget for new grit bins


This Thursday the Economy and Environment Scrutiny panel that I chair recommended that the Council makes provision within its winter services budget for new grit bins. There are many streets in Calderdale that are not gritted and the provision of grit bins allows residents on those streets to attempt to clear ice and snow themselves.

Grit bins are a cost effective way to help prevent trips and falls, and they enable people to get out of their houses in snaps of cold weathers. Knocking on doors around the ward I hear loads of people say how they would like their street to have a grit bin.  Sadly there is no budget for providing new bins at the moment, so as a ward Councillor I’m totally powerless to get any new bins provided.

This recommendation that I proposed was backed by Labour members on the panel. The Conservative members abstained from voting on it. However a majority of the panel were in favor of it and I hope the cabinet of the Council now amends their budget proposals to make some provision for new grit bins.

Slow but steady progress on Brow Foot Gate Lane (and surrounding roads)

We are making slow but steady progress on getting the Council to resolve traffic problems around Brow Foot Gate Lane and its surrounding roads. Your ward Councillors have met with a Council traffic officer and we are in the progress of drawing up an official consultation on the scheme. This consultation is being run by local residents in partnership with your Councillors. We have just been delayed awaiting the democratic services departments approval of the consultation. Ashley and I will then be joining local residents in helping conduct the consultation.

Speed restriction proposals for Battinson Road

Speeding has been an issue around Battinson Road within Warley Ward. What with Mount Pellon Academy on the road, and the number of children who attend the school speeding here is obviously of great concern to the parents.

The following is an initial proposal from the Council as to how traffic speed could be reduced on the road. I’ve also attached to PDF maps of these proposals at the bottom of this blog post. If you have any comments on these proposals please let me know.

“Basically, Battinson Road can be split into two halves.

At the western end is the area around the school. At the eastern end is the area around the Council depot.

Over the whole length of the road, I propose to introduce round-topped road humps. These have a proven record of keeping vehicle speeds low.

Outside the school, I would provide an extended footway. This would narrow the carriageway. By doing so, it would reduce the speed of vehicles, reduce the width of carriageway that pedestrians going and to the school have to cross and would prevent vehicles from stopping where these pedestrians are crossing the road.

At the eastern end, there are cars parked on the north side of the carriageway throughout the day. I would provide a parking lane here, together with extended footways. This would narrow the carriageway and, together with the road humps here, will keep vehicle speeds low. The footway extensions outside the Council depot entry will improve sightlines for drivers exiting at this point.

The existing warning signs around the school, which are in poor condition, would be replaced. New signs warning of the traffic calming would be provided.

Finally, I suggest kerbs and a block-paved surface across the western end of Battinson Road, where it meets Clay Pits Lane, to deter drivers from using Battinson Road as an alternative to Hanson Lane.”

Battinson Road Humps 040116-humps east (1)

Battinson Road Humps 040116-humps west

Overgrown vegetation on Churn Lane

Following a few complaints about local residents concerning overgrowing vegetation on Churn Lane I contacted the Highways department. I’m pleased to say they have written to residents with regards to getting some of this vegetation cut back.
Thanks to those of you who live on Churn Lane for helping to cooperate with this, if we keep back any trees and vegetation we might have that overgrows onto paths, lanes and roads then it helps keep things running smoothly.
Further to your e mail regarding overhanging vegetation on Churn Lane 10/09/2015:

We e mailed you in September to let you know that residents had been written too regarding this matter and I can now confirm that we have had contact from two residents who will be beginning the process of clearing vegetation from property which they own, quotes are being obtained and works are being planned.  Second letters have been sent to properties which have not responded.

Our Enforcement Officer continues to monitor the situation.