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Commenting on today’s debate on the abolition of student maintenance grants on those coming from lower income families, Liberal Democrat MP Greg Mulholland said: “The poorest students will be hit hardest by the ending of maintenance grants. Trying to do this through the backdoor shows not only their contempt for students but also their families. […]

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University – Still free at the point of delivery

by jamesbaker on 13 April, 2015

This 23 year old student Lance nails it on tuition fees. He makes the point the system we have now got is essentially a graduate tax as no one pays the money up front, and that you only pay back the money University costs if you start earn over £21,000. Once you earn over £21,000 […]

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By promising to cut tuition fees to £6,000 a year Ed Milliband appears to have provided a great opportunity for me to explain how the new tuition fee system is essentially a graduate tax. That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet; The reason this scheme is essentially a […]

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How the Pupil Premium has helped Ling Bob school

by jamesbaker on 12 January, 2015

  The Pupil Premium is one of the many Liberal Democrats in government. It is only because people voted Liberal Democrat, and we got MPs elected that this policy is now being implemented. It has seen over £20 million of extra funding go towards schools in Calderdale since 2010. Every parent wants their child to […]

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As you can see these are not just figures of money going to schools, they are real targeted programmes that are addressing the attainment gap, and helping to combat inequality within our society

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  As a regular reader of New Scientist magazine a few issues back I was struck by an article a few issues ago that showed how the inequality arising from poverty sets in at such an early age and is then hard to reverse.  The article urged policy makers to focus on early intervention to […]

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Labour oppose sixth form college plan

by jamesbaker on 9 October, 2014

Labour have opposed plans to create a new sixth form college for Calderdale. The plan for the college has been put together by Trinity Academy, who were bidding for governmental money to create the college as a free school. It seems sadly a combination of ideological opposition to free schools, and a successful lobbying campaign by some […]

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Cutting the cost of childcare

by jamesbaker on 20 March, 2013

Nick Clegg has announced that these families will soon be able to get up to £1200 off the cost of childcare for every child – needed relief for many in these difficult times. It will help parents make their own choices about how and when they return to work. Figures show that more than half […]

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