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I grew up down in Brighton with my sister, and my widowed mother. I went on to study down in Brighton and have a degree in Humanities, where I specialised in Holocaust Studies, and the Frankfurt School & advertising.  I was at University during the Iraq War, and helped organise anti-war protests in the City. Finishing University I got a modern apprenticeship working for Brighton Council.

I moved up to Yorkshire in 2007, getting a job at the University of Leeds as an administrator. By that time I was heavily involved in the NO2ID campaign fighting the introduction of Identity Cards. I went on to work for NO2ID as their campaign manager, and in the campaign against ID cards I got the opportunity to appear on various radio, television shows and write several articles about civil liberties, surveillance and the data base state. I continue to campaign passionately for Human Rights, Civil Liberties and Freedom. One of the reasons I feel so strongly about these issues, I think stems from having studied periods of history where those rights and freedoms were denied to people.

I got involved in party politics in 2010, helping out Greg Mulholland MPs general election campaign. I thought the Liberal Democrats were the best out of a bad bunch of political parties, and always admired their stance on civil liberties. In 2011 I was elected onto Hebden Royd Council, where I led the Liberal Democrat group for a few years. I now live in Mytholmroyd, and work for the Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors as a development officer. This job can best be described as training people on how to create change in their communities.  I am still NO2IDs campaign manager, and do some privacy campaigning, but mostly it’s just local politics these days.  In 2012 I won a by-election in Warley Ward and got elected as a Councillor to Calderdale Council. I am now the Leader of the Liberal Democrat group on the Council. If there is a snap general election I will also contest Halifax as the parliamentary candidate for the Liberal Democrats.

In addition to numerous bits of individual casework, since being elected I’ve run several successful campaigns these include a Campaign to Save Calderdale’s pubs; a Campaign to Save the Pellon Network Centre; a new park being built on Sand Hall Green; getting Super fast Broadband to Fountainhead village; bringing forward proposals so every ward forum gets a budget of £5K to spend on local community groups; ensuring a petition of more than 1,000 residents triggers a Council debate; cutting off Brow Foot Gate Lane to through traffic; getting the Council to clear up derelict sites using legal powers available to it; getting extra money for businesses to boost their exports; an anti-frackin motion , and a host of Green Economy measures. All of this work has been driven by a desire to work with the community to improve the area I represent. I am on a mission to try and reform Calderdale Council to be both more democratic, and to decentralise power down to local residents

In terms of positions on the Council. I am currently the Chair of the Economy and Environment Scrutiny panel, a member of the West Yorkshire Combined authority Scrutiny Panel,  and the Council’s affordable warmth champion.



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  1. Justine Emmett says:

    I am writing to ask you, as my prospective parliamentary candidate, to pledge to protect animal welfare legislation should you be elected to parliament.

    Currently, there are 44 EU laws pertaining to animal welfare, and I am concerned that with Brexit, some of the directives may be weakened, while the regulations will simply cease to apply unless the government legislates for them to remain.

    The laws cover many issues, including setting standards on the way animals are farmed, transported and slaughtered, ensuring eggs from caged hens are labelled as such, and banning cosmetic testing on animals. These are important issues, and hard-won protections for animals are now in danger.

    Will you pledge to fight to maintain current animal welfare standards as a minimum should you be elected? Will you further pledge to strengthen legislation and protection for animals wherever possible, to include, for example, making independently monitored CCTV mandatory for all slaughterhouses?

    These issues are important to me, and I will consider seriously all responses from candidates when I come to vote on June 8th

    Kind Regards
    Justine Emmett

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