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Conservative lies over gritting cuts

by jamesbaker on 19 December, 2017

Calderdale Conservatives are claiming Liberal Democrat councillors voted earlier this year to cut the Council’s gritting budget. My problem with this is that it is simply not true.

Firstly, the cut that I assume is being referred to by the Conservatives has no effect in the current year. Secondly, and more importantly, it does not concern the gritting budget. There is, then, no possibility that this has any bearing on the current, and real, problems with the gritting service. All of this is made clear in the background paper that was published earlier this year.

I understand that we live in an age where facts do not matter to some people but some of us regret this shift. Clearly the current leadership of the Calderdale Conservative group – from whom this made-up story seems to originate – do not. Buoyed up by their support for both the tactics and policies of President Trump they play fast and loose with ‘facts’ in pursuit of electoral gain. Whether this will materialise remains to be seen as the voters of Calderdale may see through this ruse. In the meantime, perhaps the more sensible members of the Conservative group should point out to their leaders that basing their actions on invented stories means that those actions will have no effect on the very real problems being faced by the people of Calderdale. Whatever some might think, facts do matter.

For the record we are in fact pledging to increase the Gritting budget in the budget we will be proposing to Council in February.


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