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Gritting Services

by jamesbaker on 1 December, 2017

I have received several emails about recent cuts to the gritting services across Calderdale. In Warley Ward there are several roads around Trimmingham, and also around Warley Town that have been taken off the gritting routes.

I share these concerns, and when this gritting policy went before Council I questioned the impact these cuts would have on service delivery. I have repeatedly called for the Council to get on with the job of building a Salt Barn. This would improve the efficiency of our gritting service to save money. Although Government cuts have put pressure on public services if we aren’t delivering them efficiently as a Council then the administration has to take some responsibility for the declining levels of service.

Following a large amount of pressure, the Labour cabinet on Calderdale appears to have done a partial u-turn:

Councillor Barry Collin’s has said in a press release that

We are proposing some immediate changes to the pilot policy to restore secondary roads on the network to the list of roads to be gritted.

However, it is unclear exactly which of the routes that had their gritting removed fall into this category of secondary roads. I have asked for clarification on this as people urgently need to know which roads are safe to travel on.

Because this issue is of such public concerns Calderdale Liberal Democrats have also launched an online petition and campaign to improve our gritting services. We believe more people need to be pressuring the Council into getting on with the job of building a Salt Barn. This is part of the long-term solution to ensuring an efficient and affordable gritting service.


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