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Local Plan – New Map of Housing Sites Now Available

by jamesbaker on 6 July, 2017

On Monday the 19th June the Labour cabinet that runs Calderdale Council agreed to put the local plan out for a six week Consultation. The local plan will provide a framework for development up until 2032. The government requires the Council to find the spaces for 1,000s of new homes. If we don’t determine where they go locally the Government will step in and do it for us (The local Conservative group  position is that they would prefer the Government to determine where the new housing sites go). This Consultation was due to launch on Monday 10th July, but has been delayed as it has been called into scrutiny. It should however launch in the next couple of weeks.

As soon as the Consultation goes live it ought to be available on the Council’s Planning Consultation Portal. Residents will then have six weeks to let their views known on the plan and any of the housing sites contained with in. You can view the map of all the sites in Calderdale here –

In order to make it easier to see the sites in Warley Ward I have provided a couple clippings from the land allocation map below. I’ve also provided links to the sites, so that you can read the detailed review of each of them and how they have been RAG rated.

In terms of our comments on these proposals, we are pleased to see that a number of sites around Mount Tabor and Roils Head Moor have been taken out of the plans. We ran a campaign to protect the Greenbelt in locations like these and that campaign appears to have been successful. ~However we still have concerns about some of the sites down at Fountainhead Village notably sites LP1607 and LP0983.

Also looking at the plans it appears as if the cricket pitch in Warley Town is listed. Warley Town is a conservation area and the loss of its cricket pitch for housing would be a shame. We assume the club would be able to purchase a new pitch perhaps with the receipts from the sale of this land. There is also a site at the bottom of Paddock Lane which is currently part of the Golf Club. We again make the assumption that if this land were to be used for housing then the Golf Club would have to re-arrange their course, presumably with fewer holes. What do you think of these sites?

Our approach to the local plan will be to let people know about this consultation and encourage local residents to get involved and contact us if they have any further concerns about it.

It is worth considering that if we just oppose the plan outright as the Conservatives appear to be suggesting they might then the Government would step in and do it for us. This might actually lead to even more housing sites, the sites at Tabor and Roils Head going back in, and further loss of Greenbelt. We are minded therefore to try and engage constructively with this consultation, and then decide whether or not to back the plan based on the outcome of that consultation and the extent to which the Council has listened to local residents.


The details on site LP0418 & LP0417 are in:

The details on site LP0968 are in this document –


The details on site LP0983 and LP0984 are in this document –


7 Responses

  1. Bryan Douglas says:

    Hi, I see in all of your comments you do not seem to be concerned about the site at the top of mixenden, is that because it is just mixenden?

    • jamesbaker says:

      Hi Bryan,

      What’s the site number there? It might be because it’s outside of the Warley Ward boundary, and as a Warley Councillor i’m focusing here on the area I represent. Happy to chat about other potential sites though. I’ve commented on the ones people have raised with me previously.

      All the best


  2. Martin Denison says:

    This is appalling.
    How can the government just take back Greenbelt land just because they want to.
    The LP1590 site is a steep field at the bottom of a residential street.
    It is not suitable for 19 dwellings.
    It will affect the local community in a very negative way.

    What can be done about this or is the descission already made.

    Where was the consultation or the letters to residents?

    • jamesbaker says:

      The Consultation is live at the moment, there have been no letters from the Council about the topic (the Council no longer has the sort of communications budget to be able to afford that due to cuts). As an opposition Councillor i’m doing what I can to let people know about it. We have produced our own Focus leaflet at our cost that tells people about the plan and we are currently distributing it. Also some paid Facebook adverts about the plan (again at our own cost as a political party funded by volunteers). I’ve done a how to comment on the plan video that you can view here

  3. N Oliver says:

    Thank you for providing the overview map of all the proposed housing sites in Calderdale. Save for going through them all individually with a calculator it doesn’t seem to be easy to find out the total number of proposed new dwellings throughout the entire Borough (and the average population increase), to compare against Government expectations. Would you be able to access this figure please?

    • jamesbaker says:

      Hi, i’m informed by our planning officers the housing projection is based on demographic modelling for population forecasts. I’ll hunt down the exact figures and methodology for you.

  4. wilfred lines says:

    What was the rationale for the removal of the sights a number of sites around Mount Tabor and Roils Head Moor?

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