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Why I’m standing to be your next MP

by jamesbaker on 24 April, 2017


I’m passionate about Liberalism and i’d like to tell you why. My mother brought my sister and I up together as a widowed parent after my father passed away. Despite the difficulty of losing her husband, she studied part-time to get a University degree and to get a better job to support our family. The government gave our family a helping hand with the widows pension, and that enabled her to get a better education and improve all of our opportunities.

It was her example that has taught me that it is possible through hard work and education for people to improve their own lives. It also taught me that sometimes people need a helping hand, and a government that is prepared to give them a leg up so they can then grow to stand on their own two feet. That’s why I am passionate about creating a society with a government that helps individuals to reach their fullest potential.

Following that example I went on to University myself. I studied Holocaust studies as part of my Humanities degree. I can remember one seminar where we that was particularity harrowing. We were sat around in the pub after it, all a bit shocked at what we had just learnt about. I couldn’t believe a civilised society could descend into such inhumanity.

I vowed to myself that I would work to try and prevent such an atrocity happening again. I am a firm believer in the good of the European Union for that reason, it has brought together countries that once fought each other, and it strives to protect the rights and humanity of all people. I am also passionate about protecting individuals and their civil liberties from bullies and state abuses of power.

I want to stand up for a Halifax that embraces Liberalism, that embraces openness and tolerance. The politics of fear and division are on the rise in the US, in France and here in the UK but it doesn’t have to be like that. We can work together to build a positive future based on openness and understanding.

If you feel the same way and want to help me to stand up for these values then please support my campaign.

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