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Brexit austerity means extra cuts for Calderdale Council

by jamesbaker on 22 January, 2017

Councillor James Baker, leader of Calderdale Liberal Democrats reports Throughout the coalition years Liberal Democrats took a lot of flak for undertaking the difficult task of working to bring back proper management of the nation’s finances after years of reckless Labour spending. Sadly it seems all of this effort was thrown out of the window […] Read more at


2 Responses

  1. wilfred lines says:

    Oh! yes….why did your Nick Clegg renege on his student loan position? and actually over the periods of government it is Conservatives have spent more than Labour and I am not a Labour supporter. Get real lad!

    • jamesbaker says:

      Clegg couldn’t deliver on his student loan promise because the Liberal Democrats went into a coalition with another political party. In a coalition you don’t get to do everything you want, and you have to compromise (just like any relationship). The loan system that was developed was fairer as a result of Liberal Democrat input. You can read more about it here –

      With regards to borrowing, you are correct the Conservative’s gross borrowing figure is higher. The reason being is that they inherited a bigger budget deficit. The analogy I like to use is that of a ship. If you take control of a ship with a big hole under the waterline it will take on a lot of water. If you start plugging that hole the ship starts taking on less water. However it will during this process take on more water than it had just after the hole had been put in it.

      You can view a chart on how the budget deficit (the amount of extra debt we were taking on each year) was reducing here –

      Sadly now due to Brexit the government has confirmed it will throw it’s borrowing targets out of the window, so we will have more debt and less money available for other public services.

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