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Mini Roundabout at Junction of Highroad Well Lane, Court Lane, Paddock Lane

by jamesbaker on 28 April, 2016

I recently raised  safety concerns about the mini roundabout at the junction of Highroad Well Lane, Court Lane, and Paddock Lane. I was hoping perhaps that there might be an engineer solution that would make this roundabout safer as currently a number of drivers are cutting across it and making dangerous manoeuvres on it.
Today I got a reply from the Council’s road safety officer. It seems a bit like passing the buck here to the Police. No doubt if we contact the Police they will say the Council needs to make improvements to the road to improve safety! I’m not convinced the Police have anything like the traffic enforcement capacity to deal with problems like this.
Dear Cllr Baker
Thank you for raising your concern over the illegal driving behaviour taking place at the mini roundabout at the junction of Highroad Well Lane, Court Lane and Paddock Lane. The issue of taking action against such behaviour lies with the Police and we would encourage those who have raised the matter with you to approach the Police on the issue.
Kind regards
Road Safety Officer
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