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What’s your view about On-Street Parking – have your say!

by jamesbaker on 24 February, 2016

Calderdale Council’s Economy and Environment Scrutiny Panel will meet at Halifax Town Hall on Thursday 3 March, 2016 at 6.00pm to look at the subject of On-Street parking and would particularly welcome the views of residents, businesses and those who work in Calderdale on this matter.

The chair of the Economy and Environment Scrutiny Panel, Councillor James Baker said:- We are very keen to receive from the Economy and Environment  an overview of “On-Street” Parking in the Borough including impact of obstruction and damage to footpaths; pavement parking; inconvenience to service vehicles (e.g. access for gritters, ambulances and waste and recycling collection vehicles) and to hear about what powers the Council and /or others legislative powers have in monitoring and enforcement, and to what extent they are actually used .

“This meeting gives both those individuals/ businesses which use and/or are affected by any on-street parking issues an opportunity to come together, share your experiences and to let us know your views about on-street parking”.

He further added:- “Members of the public are welcome to attend the  Scrutiny Panel meeting and I look forward to hearing their views.”

The meeting will be held at 6pm on Thursday 3 March, 2016 at Halifax Town Hall

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  1. Phil Metcalfe says:

    James, re-What’s your view about On-Street Parking – have your say!, I know this is always a difficult subject regarding obstruction and damage to pavements but our congested towns and cities, often with narrow streets, would grind to a halt if everyone parked to the letter of the law. We would not be able to get out of our narrow drives if a neighbour was parked opposite on the road and if they moved a few feet left or right it would probably block someone else. Unfortunately it’s all about ‘consideration’ for other road users and pedestrians and this is where some are lacking any sense. Many delivery vehicles would not navigate many of our streets if we did not park partly on the pavement; there are too many vehicles and not enough room for them on our roads. Not everybody has a drive to park in but if you have, and unless you’re not just ‘nipping in’ for a few moments, it’s always better and safer to park on your drive. Main roads and town centres are usually covered by the various parking regulations, with access to several parking areas all of which can be enforced by the relevant authorities. The last thing we want in our local side streets is more painted lines and instructions, the 20mph speed limit doesn’t seem to be enforced so who will be the new pavement parking ‘monitors’. In the big scheme of things wouldn’t it be more productive fixing our shameful roads?

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