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Scrutiny panel recommends a budget for new grit bins

by jamesbaker on 31 January, 2016


This Thursday the Economy and Environment Scrutiny panel that I chair recommended that the Council makes provision within its winter services budget for new grit bins. There are many streets in Calderdale that are not gritted and the provision of grit bins allows residents on those streets to attempt to clear ice and snow themselves.

Grit bins are a cost effective way to help prevent trips and falls, and they enable people to get out of their houses in snaps of cold weathers. Knocking on doors around the ward I hear loads of people say how they would like their street to have a grit bin.  Sadly there is no budget for providing new bins at the moment, so as a ward Councillor I’m totally powerless to get any new bins provided.

This recommendation that I proposed was backed by Labour members on the panel. The Conservative members abstained from voting on it. However a majority of the panel were in favor of it and I hope the cabinet of the Council now amends their budget proposals to make some provision for new grit bins.

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