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Speed restriction proposals for Battinson Road

by jamesbaker on 7 January, 2016

Speeding has been an issue around Battinson Road within Warley Ward. What with Mount Pellon Academy on the road, and the number of children who attend the school speeding here is obviously of great concern to the parents.

The following is an initial proposal from the Council as to how traffic speed could be reduced on the road. I’ve also attached to PDF maps of these proposals at the bottom of this blog post. If you have any comments on these proposals please let me know.

“Basically, Battinson Road can be split into two halves.

At the western end is the area around the school. At the eastern end is the area around the Council depot.

Over the whole length of the road, I propose to introduce round-topped road humps. These have a proven record of keeping vehicle speeds low.

Outside the school, I would provide an extended footway. This would narrow the carriageway. By doing so, it would reduce the speed of vehicles, reduce the width of carriageway that pedestrians going and to the school have to cross and would prevent vehicles from stopping where these pedestrians are crossing the road.

At the eastern end, there are cars parked on the north side of the carriageway throughout the day. I would provide a parking lane here, together with extended footways. This would narrow the carriageway and, together with the road humps here, will keep vehicle speeds low. The footway extensions outside the Council depot entry will improve sightlines for drivers exiting at this point.

The existing warning signs around the school, which are in poor condition, would be replaced. New signs warning of the traffic calming would be provided.

Finally, I suggest kerbs and a block-paved surface across the western end of Battinson Road, where it meets Clay Pits Lane, to deter drivers from using Battinson Road as an alternative to Hanson Lane.”

Battinson Road Humps 040116-humps east (1)

Battinson Road Humps 040116-humps west


2 Responses

  1. Marjorie Homer says:

    Parking along Battinson Rd already restricts the width, and the parking along Dyson Rd makes turning into it from Battinson Rd blind. There then are problems with cars coming from the northern end who won’t pull into gaps. Double yellow lines at the south end of Dyson Rd are ignored, so no ‘sight line’ exists in reality. Restricting the width of Dyson hasn’t reduced the speed of drivers cutting through from Pellon Lane to avoid the lights on Queen’s Rd.
    Please rethink this proposal.

  2. Nafisa says:

    Speed humps on battison will be a huge help to reduce speed however narrowing the roads won’t be as turning from dyson road onto battison road is already restricted and blind eye, also speed bumps need to be put in place on Blackwood grove as well as yellow keep clear signs as this is also a entrance to school and has high speeding cars and should be looked into

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