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Winter is coming

by jamesbaker on 7 October, 2015

This post is taken from a Calderdale Council Press Release 1606839_10152504720946991_6742995134037272312_n

Calderdale Council is busy preparing for winter and is asking people for their views on what the service priorities should be.

The Council’s Economy and Environment Scrutiny Panel is meeting at Halifax Town Hall on Thursday 15 October at 6pm to hear about the plans that the Highways Service has in place for winter.

Residents, businesses and other organisations are invited to the meeting to share their views on the plans and priorities, to help shape the future of the service.

From gritting and clearing snow to stocking salt bins, the Council’s winter service works hard to keep people safe when using roads and footpaths during bad weather.

Chair of the Economy and Environment Scrutiny Panel, Cllr James Baker, said:

“We have a well developed plan in place to make sure Calderdale keeps moving during any bad weather we experience over the coming months. However, the policy dates back to 2009, and since then we have faced significant budget cuts and other changes. So we now need to do a fundamental review of the Council’s winter service to ensure it’s fit for purpose in the long-term.

“Everyone is affected in some way by our winter highways service, so I urge residents, businesses and other organisations like bus services to come along to the meeting, share their experiences and let us know what our priorities should be.”
The meeting will be held at 6pm on Thursday 15 October at Halifax Town Hall.

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  1. Malcolm Riley says:

    Winter Gritting :-
    Major Bus Routes should be number one priority which has not been the case in the past.
    For example in the Highroad Well Area Court Lane has not been a priority yet it is the route for Nine buses per hour in one direction and three in the other PLUS a few yellow school buses each day. The hill on this road needs gritting Both sides of the bollard. In previous years more attention has been given to Roils Head Road between Highroad Well and Newlands Road ( only one bus per hour in only one direction) and Sandhall Lane which is not a bus route than to Court Lane.
    Highways should have a serious talk with the bus operators and be guided by them.

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