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Tim Farron delivers impassioned speech in defence of Liberalism.

by jamesbaker on 23 September, 2015


I’ve just watched Tim Farron’s speech as the new Leader of the Liberal Democrats, and it was amazing. Tim speaks with real passion from the heart about his own experiences, and how they formed him into a Liberal. If you want to read the speech in full you can read it here. It will also be on BBC parliament iplayer for a few days after this post.

As part of his speech he have an impassioned rally cry to Liberals across all parties and none to join the Liberal Democrats.

There are millions of people in Britain who know in their hearts that they are liberals.

And here’s a thing. There are thousands of people who are liberals who are currently in other parties.

Maybe you are currently a Conservative – and you see your vote being used to punish working people on low incomes and to punish business by toying with exit from Europe?

Maybe you are currently in the SNP – and you see your vote being used to chase a second referendum while devolved services like the NHS are creaking at the seams.

Maybe you are currently in the Labour party – and you see your vote being used to pedal fantasy economics that will cause greater poverty and austerity.

I have this message for you.

If you are a liberal, why don’t you join the liberals?

If you are a liberally-minded person in another party which is not what you would want it to be, join us.

If you have never been involved in politics before but are dismayed by the blame, division, fantasy or fear you see peddled by others, join us.

If you have been a Liberal Democrat before and find your passion reignited, join us.

Because, now more than ever, being a spectator is not an option. Action is vital.

Go on-line now – join the Liberal Democrats today.

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