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Don’t worry, unlike Corbyn I won’t be supporting any asteroids

by jamesbaker on 17 September, 2015


“Impact event” by The original uploader was Fredrik at English Wikipedia – Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by Vojtech.dostal.. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons –

Since his election the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has come under a barrage of criticism for the various wacky left wing things he has said and done over the years. Some of these criticisms are quite justified, others like him not buttoning up his top button on his shirt are just plainly daft. Of all the things I’ve come across perhaps the weirdest view Jeremy has endorsed is the following:

and believes that humans represent the most obscene, perverted, cruel, uncivilised and lethal species ever to inhabit the planet and looks forward to the day when the inevitable asteroid slams into the earth and wipes them out thus giving nature the opportunity to start again.

This statement was included in an Early Day Motion that he signed in parliament along with his now Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell 

Personally speaking I have a much more positive view of people and the future.  I think that one day technology will beat cancer, that we will solve the problems of poverty , climate change, and that we will learn how to travel into space to fully explore the universe. In the meantime I’ll be doing my bit representing people who live in Warley ward on Calderdale Council.  You can relax, I won’t be supporting any asteroids.

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