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University – Still free at the point of delivery

by jamesbaker on 13 April, 2015

This 23 year old student Lance nails it on tuition fees. He makes the point the system we have now got is essentially a graduate tax as no one pays the money up front, and that you only pay back the money University costs if you start earn over £21,000. Once you earn over £21,000 you pay back 9% of all your earnings above that amount until your fee is paid off or after 30 years. This means many people will never even have to pay back everything their university education costs.

It’s for this reason that Labour’s proposals to cut tuition fees to £6,000 a year would only benefit wealthier people with a starting salary of £35,000. It’s this reason why finical expert Martin Lewis from the Money Saving website called their plan’s economically illiterate.


2 Responses

  1. Robert Swift says:

    So then James, you would be quite happy to see people go to University and not have to pay a penny back? Please remind me who it is that pays for the £9000.00 in the first place bearing in mind that the Government allegedly doesn’t have any money in the first place.
    The money that it spends belongs to the tax payer.
    Oh, and by the way, Martin Lewis frequently gets his facts wrong, as do people who thinks that leaving the EU would be a disaster.
    Yes, Switzerland and Norway are certainly up the creek without a paddle by not being members of that totally useless organisation, aren’t they?

    • James Baker says:

      I think University should be free at the point of delivery so that anyone no matter what their age or background can attend. As you rightly say someone has to pay for it, so I think it’s reasonable that those who have benefited contribute more towards the cost of the education to society.

      That’s why I favor a form of graduate taxation, which is really what we have now, as you only pay back the cost of your education if you can afford it. As Lance says in the video “what’s wrong with paying something back to society?”

      No one is right on everything all the time, i’m sure Martin Lewis makes mistakes on some things. He’s fairly spot on with regards to his analysis of the current tuition fee system though and cuts through a lot of the fear mongering and misunderstanding that has come with the new system.

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