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Police Launch Campaign to tackle Moorland Fires

by jamesbaker on 7 April, 2015

Please take note

There is a commonly held belief that grass moorland is set on fire as a form of moorland management
this is false – it is arson and offenders will be prosecuted

The burning of moorland is not a victimless crime, the moors are being managed with public money to return them into better
condition to help retain water. This helps prevent flooding in the valleys.Burning grass moors kills nesting wild birds and animals destroys important and rare plants causes the moors to erode and wash material into rivers causing them to silt up and provide a growing medium for plants that then choke our rivers!This is a major cause of flooding be a friend of the moors to protect them for future generations help stamp out grass moorland fires now if you see anyone lighting a grass moorland fire call 999 inform the fire service then police.

Download the Police Poster below


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