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Police crack down on speeding across Warley ward

by jamesbaker on 31 March, 2015

SpeedingSpeeding has been a persistent problems across parts of Warley ward such as Moor End Rd, Roils Head, Highroad Well Lane, Sandbeds, or down in to Fountainhead village. Up until now we have had to rely on the traffic officers at the Police to enforce speeding across the ward. The good news is that local police officer PC Barron has now been trained and got access to a mobile speed gun.

The Police have said that they are happy to come and use this at any problem sites across the ward, so if you would like them deployed somewhere please let me know and I will ask them and see if they can set-up there to catch speeding cars. People should also watch out in the 20mph zones to ensure they are sticking to the new speed limits, as you could easily get caught if they are using this new mobile radar gun.


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