Clearing up derelict sites and half-built developements

by jamesbaker on 3 February, 2015

There are a number of derelict sites across the ward, but I think a larger problem is that of half-built developments. There are several examples I can think of where extensions onto houses seem to have been going on for years and years with little progress. Whilst these developments are going on neighbors have to put up with overlooking a building site!

It’s one thing we have been pursuing as a group on the Council, and we successfully applied pressure through the Economy & Environment scrutiny panel, and with the new Conservative administration to get the Council try change its approach to using these powers. I’m aware now the Council has used these powers to try and get a site in Todmorden cleaned up. I have requested that the planning department also use them for a number of sites in Warley ward. As these are residential sites I will not shame the residents and landowners responsible by posting up pictures and addresses!

If you know of a site that fits this description please let me know about it, I really want to start doing everything I can to ensure the Council applies pressure and where necessary legal action to clean up these sites. If you are interested in how these powers work there is a best practice guide available here to download and read. 



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