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Allowing membership of terrorist organisations is a threat to liberty

by jamesbaker on 26 January, 2015

In a recent TV interview the Green Party leader Natalie Bennett made the startling announcement that her party would allow people to join terrorist organisations like ISIS, the IRA or Al-Qaeda. Apparently under a Green government people would be allowed to help organize, recruit and support these terrorist organisations so long as they didn’t commit or encourage violence themselves.

Our local Green candidates need to come clean and say whether they support this dangerous policy of allowing people to join organisations who are committed to violent means to impose their views upon others. This is a policy which would give a green light for extremist organisations to setup shop in our local communities. These organisations would start radicalizing people into fascist ideologies that seek to destroy our free, democratic and liberal way of life.

There are many civil liberties and freedoms that I as a Liberal would fight tooth and nail to protect. I’m motivated by trying to create a free and tolerant society in which people of all religions, sexuality and belief can co-exist. Let’s be clear though the freedom to belong to a terrorist organisation hell-bent on destroying that liberal way of life is not a freedom any right minded person ought to support.

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