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How the Pupil Premium has helped Ling Bob school

by jamesbaker on 12 January, 2015



The Pupil Premium is one of the many Liberal Democrats in government. It is only because people voted Liberal Democrat, and we got MPs elected that this policy is now being implemented. It has seen over £20 million of extra funding go towards schools in Calderdale since 2010. Every parent wants their child to have the best opportunity to get on in life and make something of themselves, yet we know that children living in more disadvantaged areas don’t get the same educational opportunity. This policy is helping to tackle that inequality, but it’s not giving people handouts, it’s equipping people with the skills so that they are able to go out there and make something of their lives, for themselves.

I previously wrote about how this policy is helping children at Halifax Academy, now I wanted to let you know how it is helping children at Ling Bob. The follow in an except from a report published by the school on how they are using the Pupil Premium. The full report is linked to below.

As of October 2013, 53% of children in the school met the criteria for Pupil Premium funding. For the academic year 2013-14 the amount received for each eligible child was increased to £900. Therefore, during 2013/14 the school received approximately £140,400 in Pupil Premium funding.

In the 2013-14 academic year, existing programmes of targeted support were sustained and some were extended.
Funding was also used:

  • To employ an additional member of staff in our Pastoral Team to support children and their families coming into
    our Foundation Stage with their readiness for school.
  • To fund additional maths intervention groups for children identified as needing additional support to further
    raise attainment in Numeracy, particularly in Key Stage 2.
  • To fund our new Small Steps Nurture Group provision. This is aimed at helping Key Stage 1 children who are
    experiencing problems in school due to social, emotional or behavioural difficulties. Studies show that Nurture
    Groups are extremely effective at helping children make progress and also working with parents to help them in
    supporting their children. The Small Steps Nurture Group is based in the school and is run by specially trained
    staff. Its aim is to provide a nurturing environment where the children can spend time in a small group learning,
    playing and socialising to maximise their chances of success in later life.

Further details about how the Pupil Premium has been used in Ling Bob school can be found here 

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