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Winter Gritting

by jamesbaker on 6 January, 2015



Some of the cold and icy weather we have had over the past week or so has raised the issue of gritting within the ward. Calderdale Council does comparatively more gritting than some of its neighbors such as Kirklees and Bradford Council. However there are still a number of roads across the ward that local residents want putting on the gritting list. Notably these include Westborough Drive and Paddock Lane. I think we need more gritting, but the Council needs to makes savings and one of those might be to reduce the gritting further. If the Council were to increase parking charges in a year or two’s time some of those savings requirements might be mitigated.

I’d be interested in hearing from you as to whether you agree, would you rather pay a bit more where you already have to pay to park, or have a reduced gritting service? If you have other ideas about how the Council could save money please do let me know. The cabinet announces its own budget proposals in a couple of week’s time and there will be opportunities for the Liberal Democrats group to try and make amendments and changes.

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  1. Linda Oswin says:

    Thank you as always for the newsletter. On the issue of gritting, I would be prepared to pay a more in parking charges if that would prevent reductions in gritting. Being able to get about is so important for all: schoolchildren, employees, the self-employed, voluntary carers etc.

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