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Results of Speed Indicator Device on Paddock Lane

by jamesbaker on 5 January, 2015


Back in November last year I wrote about problematic speeding around Roils Head and on Paddock Lane. Like many residents I wasn’t sure that the new 20mph zones were working very well or being enforced. In order to collect evidence to confirm or disprove this view I requested that the Council’s Speed Indicator Device (SID) be deployed on Paddock Lane.

SID was deployed on 12th December and we have the results from this deployment. From it we can see that the average speed down hill was 25mph and the average speed uphill was 24mph. This is clearly above the 20mph limit. However last time this road was tested back in 2012 the average speed downhill was 36mph and uphill was 33mph. So although people are still speeding the average speed has been reduced by the implementation of a 20mph zone on the road.

The results will be passed onto the Police, who may decide now to take some enforcement action on the road.

Results of SID on Paddock Lane Dec 14



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