Why I have put in a Council motion opposing fracking

by jamesbaker on 25 November, 2014

I have proposed a motion to the next meeting of Calderdale Council on 3rd December opposing fracking. The text of the motion is the model text proposed by Friends of the Earth, who also have a really good website detailing their concerns over fracking.

a) This Council notes that it has a responsibility to tackle climate change and protect the environment and the well being of local communities.

b) This Council acknowledges that exploration of unconventional fossil fuel undermines action on climate change and diverts resources away from investment in a safe and secure renewable energy future.

c) This Council notes that there are possible significant adverse impacts from shale gas exploration and exploitation, including water contamination and air pollution, and supports a ‘Frack-Free’ declaration for this area.

d) This Council calls on her Majesty’s Government to impose a moratorium on shale gas exploration within the UK to prevent the adverse impact it will have on greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.

I’ve put in this motion as i’m really concerned that a new source of relatively cheap fossil fuels here in the UK will lead to a boom in green house gas emissions. There are other concerns about the contamination of water supplies, for instance if it was done in the Pennines around reservoirs. Finally Calderdale has a beautiful natural environment, the idea of heavy industry all over this pristine heather moorland fills me with dread.

If you want to come along to show your support for the motion then residents are gathering outside the Town Hall at 5.15pm on Wednesday 3rd December. 

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