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Speeding on Roils Head Road & Paddock Lane

by jamesbaker on 11 November, 2014

I’ve been dealing with more complaints of speeding along Roils Head Road & Paddock Lane. It’s frustrating that there are still speeding problems on Paddock Lane as this is now already part of a 20mph zone. It’s really clear though there are a minority of drivers who simply ignore the speed limit, and know they are very unlikely to get caught by the Police which seem unable to tackle the problem. Perhaps it would make sense to change the law so local Council enforcement officers could enforce traffic speeding. After all it can’t be too complicated pointing a radar gun at a car and taking a picture as evidence can it?

Anyway I have requested that the Council’s Speed Indicator Device comes back to collect more evidence that will be passed onto the Police to try and encourage them to enforce the limits. The Speed Indicator Device (SID) should be back on Paddock Lane before Christmas, and then back on Roils Head Road in the new year. In the meantime below you can download the latest data collected on speeding on these streets.

If speeding is also an issue on your street please do get in contact with me and let me know. There is a limited amount I can do about it, but I do keep badgering the Police, and get the indicator device out which acts as a visual reminder to people to slow down.

SID results for Paddock Lane

SID results for Roils Head Rd


4 Responses

  1. Richard Pilling says:

    Thanks for your efforts on this problem!
    Living on Paddock Lane it’s frightening to see some of the speeds people drive at!
    Since your last reply I have been watching the speeds of cars on Paddock Lane with interest.
    I believe the vast majority of drivers break the 20mph limit to some extent.Responsible people are probably still driving around the 30mph mark…..whilst the irresponsible can be doing 50/60/70mph.
    I now really try to stick to 20mph but it is really quite difficult as firstly it seems very slow when you are used to 30mph limit and you need to really concentrate and secondly you often get tailgated!
    Iam coming to the view that 20mph limits are not the answer.Responsible drivers are put into an awkward situation but the others just don’t care and know they will not get caught so it doesn’t affect them.
    An enforced 30mph limit is in my opinion ideal! But I guess it’s not a priority and it’s easier to just stick some 20mph signs up and claim the problem has been addressed.
    Richard Pilling

    • Robert Swift says:

      I would agree with what Richard Pilling has written regarding the fact that most drivers, not a minority break the speed limit. I’ve seen the 28A bus traveling along Highroad Well Lane going at well over 20 mph and also Council Vans and the Warbutons bread van.
      I’ve also been honked at by the Asian who lives near the bottom of Paddock lane who drives a white VW Golf, for keeping to the 20 mph speed limit.

      It just seems that most people who live or pass through this area just haven’t got a clue as to what 20 mph means.

  2. Malcolm Riley says:

    I understand that the 20 mph limit is not enforceable. Is this correct? If so is this another council blunder like the parking fiasco in Halifax?

    • jamesbaker says:

      Hi Malcolm,

      The 20mph zones are enforceable as far as I know. The police guidance a little while back said they wouldn’t enforce them but that has changed. The problem is that whilst the Police & Crime Commissioner is saying the police will enforce it when you speak to the police officers they don’t have anything like the resources to do it.

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