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More 20mph zones for Warley Ward

by jamesbaker on 28 October, 2014


Much of Warley ward is now covered by a large 20mph zone. Speaking to residents the 20mph zone gets a mixed response. Some people think it has reduced average speeds, and others think 20mph is too slow over such a large area.  Personally as a father of a young boy I think the increased safety slower traffic creates is worth going a bit more slowly for.
One thing everyone seems to agree on is that the Police are not enforcing the speed limit. This is despite assurance given by Labour’s Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Burns-Williamson giving assurances they would be. I do wonder if perhaps he had chosen to employ an extra traffic copy rather than appointing a Labour party colleague as his deputy on £53,000 a year then speeds might be better enforced. Anyway we are where we are with these 20mph zones now.
The Council has plans to roll-out further 20mph zones across the Borough. These plans include bringing in a 20mph zone for Warley Town with an estimated implementation date of November – December 2015 and for Fountainhead village in 2016.  There is a link to the time table of 20mph zone introductions below. In an email to Councillors the Council’s director for Public Health said:
The areas of Calderdale were prioritised using a combination of:
–          Road safety benefits (targeting areas with highest numbers of Killed and Seriously Injured)
–          Geography/Population (targeting areas which would enable existing/planned 20mph speed limits to be linked to each other at an early stage and will have an impact on larger numbers of Calderdale residents)
The default position will be that all 30mph residential roads will be expected to be 20mph.  Main ‘A’ and ‘B’ roads will be excluded but each area will be looked at individually and assessed.The roll out of 20mph will be phased over three years with the first phase (Siddal, Southowram, Manor Heath, Saville Park and extended Town Centre) planned for installation the middle of next year.  Each phase will take approximately 9 months to develop, consult upon and implement.

All stakeholders and service providers will be consulted at the start of each phase.  Area plans and legal speed limit orders will be published on the website and advertised in the local press.

phasing document

I did ask whether Mount Tabor would also be included in the 20mph zones, and also the scope of the 20mph zones in Warley Town and Fountainhead village, and got the following reply:

Warley and Fountainhead are included and need to be assessed. Warley is thevillage centre not the wider area, Fountainhead we need to review entry points. Mount Tabor not included as the route through is a major road and would therefore not be 20mph and the streets/roads off this are small and therefore inappropriate for signing up as 20mph.


7 Responses

  1. Richard Pilling says:

    I live a 59 Paddock Lane.Its not a 20 zone yet.For the last 2 years we have been having terrible speeding issues here.The problem is young Asian guys in fast cars….Lamborginis….Mercedes….Porsche to name a few.The speeds they reach are incredible for this road.I have called the police on several occasions and I believe in the summer they visited some individuals.It stopped for a couple of days…then started again.If you look or gesticulate towards them you get laughter at and given the finger.They know nobody will bother to stop them.The crime officials assurances should be backed by actions.I doubt it…..95% of this problem is caused by young Asians and it feels they are above the law and know it and are prepared to exploit that knowledge.
    20 mph zones slow down drivers who are already responsible and in that they are ok…..but a police presence is required to stop the cynical/stupid ones!
    Paddock lane is an accident waiting to happen!
    Don’t say I didn’t warn you …… By all means make it a 20 if it makes people feel good that they have done something…..but you are kidding yourselves…….
    Richard Pilling

    • jamesbaker says:

      Hi Richard, I thought Paddock lane was now a 20mph zone. The signs are very small but I think they are up on the lam posts now. You are right though that 20mph zones don’t stop those irresponsible drivers. To stop them we need an actual commitment from the Police to enforce the zones. The Police Commissioner gave assurances that would happen, but it’s not happening and when you speak to the local Police they say they simply don’t have the resources.

      • Richard Pilling says:

        Thanks for your reply.
        I will look today and confirm.
        Honestly Iam scared that something bad will happen here.Just takes a child to run out…………..

        • Richard Pilling says:

          I may be wrong but I have checked Paddock Lane and cannot find any 20 signs.
          I hope you will show my comments to the Police commissioner…….only last night several cars when along Paddock lane at high speed!I have never seen any Police presence here despite several phone calls to warn them.No doubt when a serious accident happens we will be given the excuse of a roll out for more 20 zones……!!
          Hope someone decides to do something decisive before something bad happens?

          • Richard Pilling says:

            Hi James
            After some more checking I can now confirm that Paddock Lane is a 20 zone.The signs are very small!
            This casts a slightly light on my earlier comments.
            Of cousre to the serious speeders the 20 signs have made no difference whatsoever ever… 70mph you would not even see the signs.But I would have to say I also see a lot of other motorists breaking that new 20 limit.From what I can see here the 20 mph zone has made no difference to driver behaviour whatso ever.The good drivers are still around the 30mph area and driving sensibly and the bad ones just carry on as before!

  2. jamesbaker says:

    Hi Richard, I will check this out and let the local Police and the Police and Crime Commissioner know. I will also request the Council’s speed indicator device is deployed on the road to gather data that can then be use to support the case for enforcement action.

    I’ve seen fast cars driving up the road myself whilst delivering leaflets around there so appreciate it’s a real problem. Thanks for raising it with me.

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