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At last, a new sign up on Edge Holme Lane

by jamesbaker on 3 October, 2014

I’ve been working for about a year to get the Highways Department to replace the ‘not suitable for HGVs’ sign on Edge Holme lane with a ‘not suitable for motor vehicles sign’.  I got told first off the sign had been replaced when it hadn’t, and then the department put up the wrong sign. Finally now the right sign has been put up!

These signs are advisory rather signs so they don’t prohibit a motor vehicle. However the intention is to warn people who don’t know how steep this narrow cobbled lane is not to go down it.There have been several accidents with delivery drivers losing control on the steep cobbled corner of this road. So hopefully the sign will deter motorists who don’t know the hazard to avoid the route.

Now all Warley Town needs is a 20mph zone, its roads and dry stone walls to be repaired and we will be on our way!

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