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Update on Brow Foot Gate / Trimmingham traffic problems

by jamesbaker on 1 October, 2014

Dangerous traffic down Churn Lane and around Brow Foot Gate Lane has been a real problem for local residents who live in the area. This area around Trimmingham contains a number of steep and narrow roads without pavements for pedestrians. Traffic rushes down these roads using them as a rat run to get onto the main road. I’ve nearly been run over there a couple of times myself delivering Focus leaflets!

Since getting elected in 2012 I have been campaigning for the Council to take action on this. Other ward Councillors have also been campaigning on this issue. Recently I’ve asked a question at cabinet about this issue and acted on behalf of residents to hand in a petition at full Council.

Asked a question at cabinet

I asked a question to the cabinet on Calderdale on 14th July 2014. You can read the text and reply I got to that question here – Cllr James Baker – Browfoot Gate Lane

Petition submitted to Council

On the Council meeting of 30th July I acted on behalf of local residents and submitted a petition to the Council calling for action to be taken on the road.  On the 18th August I received a reply from the Highways Department, that reply confirms receipt of the petition

 “In line with the Councils Minor Traffic and Parking Improvement Policy, details of which can be found here Brow Foot Gate Lane has been entered into the list of outstanding requests and is identified in the next batch of 10 to be investigated and scored against the prioritisation matrix. Once this procedure has been completed you will be advised accordingly.”

Awaiting news from Highways Department

I still haven’t had confirmation that the procedure to score the road against the prioritisation matrix has been completed. I will be contacting the department again today to check again whether this has now been done. My hope is that the road will be scored sufficiently highly that action will be taken. I also think there is a real issue about the departments capacity to work its way through those schemes that it then prioritizes.

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