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Restriction to public bodies that can access RIPA – Missing in Action

by jamesbaker on 21 July, 2014

Last week I spoke to Julian Huppert MP about my concerns with the DRIP Act that was then passing through parliament. He informed me that one safeguard the Liberal Democrats had won was a restriction to the number of organisations that could access communications data retained under the new act through use of RIPA powers. If you are not familiar with what RIPA is then here is a good report on it by Big Brother Watch.  Julian informed me the bodies that could access RIPA powers would be restricted via a Statutory Instrument.  The same claim was made by Julian in his article on Liberal Democrat Voice:

We will restrict the number of public bodies that are able to approach phone and internet companies and ask for communications data. Some bodies will lose their powers to access data altogether while local authorities will be required to go through a single central authority who will make the request on their behalf.

A restriction to the bodies that can access RIPA would be a good liberal move, restricting some of the more frivolous abuses of surveillance powers. Currently these restrictions it was announced the Lib Dems had won are missing in action. If you spot them please let me know!

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