Work on the Green Economy

by jamesbaker on 6 June, 2014

I’ve recently participated in a large bit of work into developing the Green Economy here within Calderdale. I co-chaired this cross-party scrutiny review. It was very pleasing to be able to get involved with this piece of work given a long standing interest in green issues, and previous involvement in groups such as Friends of the Earth.

One of the main things to strike me from this piece of work is how slow large organisations like the Council are at making changes to things we would so easily do at home. ┬áThis perhaps isn’t surprising to anyone who has worked in a local authority, but we really ought to be doing a lot of simple things a lot more quickly. For instance┬áthe review heard from an electrical lightening wholesaler who explained how easy it would be to upgrade the Council’s lights to LED lights. I’ve made the switch over to LED lightening at home already and they save loads of energy (and therefore money) whilst not taking as long to light up as the old energy saving bulbs.


The Council really needs to pick up the pace of change on a lot of these things. Investing in energy saving measures now will not only save on CO2 emissions, but also save drastically on the Council’s energy bill, that in turns mean more money to spend on the services we value and rely on.

You can download a copy of the full report, and the ten recommendations it made to the Council from the following link

Green Economy Review

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