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Pride in Pellon

by jamesbaker on 12 June, 2013

At last nights ward forum Paul Tait from the Action for Pellon Community group rightly raised concerns about the state of the Pellon estate and the lack of investment from Pennine Housing or Calderdale Council.

Paul is right In recent years neighboring communities have seen investment in their estates and housing stock.  Take for instance the flats in Mixenden that got a £3.6 Million make over to improve insulation, and cut heating bills or the announcement that the Council wants to redevelop the Beech Hill area.

Councillors Ashley Evans and I want to campaign to ensure the Pellon Estate is not left behind. That is why we are launching a petition to put pressure on Calderdale Council and Pennine Housing to act.

You can download the petition form the link below. Please print it out and get your friends and neighbours to sign it. Once you have done this you can post it back to us at the freepost address provided.

Pellon Petition



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