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West End Golf Club Proposals

by jamesbaker on 26 April, 2013

West End  Golf Club has approached Calderdale Council regarding an asset transfer application to use some of the land on Roils Head.  Councillor Evans and myself attended a meeting with the club to understand what they wanted to do.

We agreed to carry out a bit of initial informal survey work with residents so we could find out what people think of these ideas. We believe it is important people have as much opportunity as possible to contribute  their thoughts and views. We have been carrying out some door to door surveying work but we also thought it useful to create and online survey that residents we have not yet managed to reach can complete.

The club have agreed to listen to this initial survey and revise their plans if necessary.  Once the club  have formalized their plans there will be further independent public consultation on these proposals.  We will also help arrange a public meeting where all residents can let their views be known. The final decision as to whether to go ahead with the plans will be made by the Cabinet of Calderdle Council. Cllr Evans and I will of course represent the views of residents to cabinet. The proposals would also likely require planning permission, and this would be a formal process in which residents would have the opportunity to engage in.

Below is a map of the proposals, and details out what the club believes to be the benefits to the community. You can take the initial residents survey on this proposal here



Community Asset Transfer

Application for the use of a portion of land on Roils Head – see  map of the area and portion of land required in the Community Asset Transfer.
The land acquired will be used to create 3 new holes for Halifax West End Golf Club.
This would free up part of the present Golf Course for the creation of a Driving Range, with Teaching Bays, plus the creation of a Golfing Academy and a Mini Golf Course.
Benefits to Calderdale Council.

  • The full area of Roils Head to be maintained by the Greens staff at Halifax West End Golf Club, making a considerable financial saving for Calderdale.
  • Improvement to the environment with regular work being undertaken on the Moor to bring it back to its former state.
  • At present the Calderdale area does not have a Golf Driving Range – golfers have to travel to neighbouring districts.
  • The extension of the parking area at the club will ease the congestion problems on Paddock Lane at weekends and Golf Open Days.

Benefits for the Community.

  • Golf encourages a healthy lifestyle for people of every age.
  • Improvement of the Moor by creating designated loops for walkers and horse riders – linking these up with entrances at either side of the Moor
  • Creating a Driving Range with Teaching Bays to be used by the Golf Club and the community plus a short game course which will enable:-
  • ‘Passport to Leisure’ use to make it cheaper for Calderdale residents.
  • Local Schools to gain free coaching.
  • Short game course for beginners.
  • Reduced rates for the local community, out of work, students at school, senior citizens on the Driving Range and the Mini Golf Course.
  • Access to facilities at the Golf Club.
  • Extra parking spaces at the club will reduce, and hopefully free, any parking on Paddock Lane.
  • Quality coaching from 2 experienced and qualified Professionals.
  • Links with Calderdale Police to create opportunities with the local youth.

Benefits to Halifax West End Golf Club.

  • Creation of 3 extra holes.
  • Creation of a Driving Range with Teaching Bays for the use of both members and the general public.
  • Creation of a short game practice area for members and the general public who are starting to play the game of golf.
  • Chance to develop our already positive Youth Policy.
  • Chance to create a Golf Academy for Adult and Junior Golfers starting in the game.
  • Improved facilities will enhance excellence in golf, particularly at Junior Level.
  • About Halifax West End Golf Club

The Golf Club has at present:-

  • The E.G.U. Golf Mark, with high achiever for Junior Golf / Ladies.
  • Community Amateur Sports Clubs (C.A.S.C.) status.
  • Extensive membership categories.
  • Positive initiatives to integrate the ethnic communities.
  • Initiatives to use golf to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

12 Responses

  1. JOHN KAYE says:

    Go for it. Very beneficial and huge enhancement to the community services.

  2. Emma says:

    This is not a community asset transfer, this is the council giving away our green spaces in exchange for free maintenance…totally unacceptable! Whilst I would not object to the golf club extending out to where the ‘Paddock’ is, currently derelict, 40% of the moors is too much. Perhaps we could form a community group to do a real community asset transfer such as Stubb Field in Mytholmroyd.

  3. Audrey wood says:

    This is a sneaky way to get part of the moor,now we only get the courier once a week,a lot of people don’t know what is proposed,there are far more people walk & ride on the moor in all weathers 365 days of the year there must be over 100 walk it every day.At the last meeting there were so many people against it they wouldn’t fit in St.Columbus church hall & had to stand outside. Young people are not interested in golf,they would rather have had an ice rink. Golf is a game for the middle aged & elderly, that’s why a lot of them ride the golf buggies. Leave our moor alone we like it just as it is.

  4. Harold Smith says:

    This Golf Club proposed a similar scheme 8/9 years ago,such was the strength of public feeling against the scheme shown at a public meeting that no further action was taken by the Golf Club. The fact that this scheme has now been resurrected clearly shows the contempt this Club has for public opinion. A public bridleway runs adjacent to the golf club and this would disappear if these proposals were adopted.Clearly golfers are only interested in their own sport,the fact that horse riders, many of whom are children will be forced away from a relatively safe area and onto our busy highways is obviously of no importance to them.
    This whole area is used extensively by many different groups of people for exercise, dog walking, horse riding etc, any reduction in size would make it very difficult and dangerous for these recreations to co-habit.One can only hope that these selfish greedy proposals are returned to the trash can without delay.

  5. Simon Kirk says:

    Over the last 20 years it is clear that the investment by Calderdale council into the maintenance and development of Roils head for the local community has been seriously unsatisfactory.
    The opportunity to have facilities that can be used by the local community should surely be embraced in these economical challenging times.
    The driving range alone would provide the ideal opportunity for families to try golf as a sport as well as provide a facility which Calderdale is seriously lacking.
    Yes this would require some land being transferred into the ownership of the golf club but if the golf club can provide facilities for the community and resolve the parking issue up Paddock lane maybe this is a small price to pay.
    What is more important than to provide additional sporting opportunity’s for the youth of today along with the improved sporting facilities which currently exist on Roils Head.
    There would still be the majority of Roils Head for use by the public and with investment and maintenance to the public area this can only benefit the local community by providing a safe area for children to play.

  6. Thank you for all the comments. It is becoming clear that whilst some people do support this proposal, there are many users of the moor who have serious concerns about it. Councillor Ashley Evans and I will be continuing to survey residents and ensure people find out about these proposals. We will of course be representing views expressed by residents back to the Gold club and to the cabinet on Calderdale Council who would be making any decision on the asset transfer of the land.

  7. jackie says:

    After reading the proposals to extend the west end golf club i feel compelled to point out the argument to extend is quite flawed.

    1/ Not everyone can afford to take up golf. I appreciate some people will benefit from concessions..hava any surveys been done to find out if people would actually be interested in golf?. Walking/jogging on Royals Head is free for all and requires no expensive clothing or equipment.

    2/ Golfers generally have cars therefore can drive to an alternative golf course that has a golf driving range…A lot of dog walkers don’t have transport and would struggle to find another area to walk their dog off lead. The smaller area proposed for the same amount of dogs and horses would be chaos.

    3/ I dont really understand why local schools can’t gain free coaching without it being extended. I pass it daily and it looks pretty quiet most of the time. Can’t help but think it could already have been implemented if this was a serious proposal.

    4/ If the larger golf club is going to attract all the new visitors, ie passport to leisure users, senior citizens, local schools and new golfers, i don’t think the larger car park will do much to reduce the congestion on Paddock Lane.

    5/ Not everybody likes golf so have no interest in either the sport or it’s facilities, therefore the proposal will serve only a small portion of the local community. Argueably Royals Head only appeals to a small portion of the local community (dog owners and horse riders) but i think there are more of the latter in the local community.

    6/ What does \links with Calderdale Police to create opportunities with local youth\ actually mean? Surely it doesnt take an extension of a golf course to take this action.

  8. Helen Smith says:

    I do believe that this will be a great enhancement to West End and to the Community at large.

  9. Jan says:

    Superb idea!

    The land will be better maintained and we may have proper paths to walk on instead of mud.

    Pity it will be a long term project and won’t happen overnight.

  10. Martin says:

    If the land isn’t adopted by an organisation like the golf club, how long will it be before financial pressures cause the council to sell off the land for housing development?

  11. Martin says:

    If the land isn’t adopted for recreational use by the golf club or a similar group, how long before it gets sold for housing development?

  12. Karen says:

    I am a local resident and had no idea about this proposal until today. I’ve not had a knock on my door or any leaflets posted!

    Can’t the paths for dog walkers, runners etc just be left where they are with maybe public right of way – something like the golf course at Bingley St Ives? Seems to work really well there.

    I’ve lived in this area all of my life and walk my dogs on roils head every morning – why should we have to loose out on space after all these years?

    These reduced rates they mention – is this membership then?

    The moor doesn’t need improving so stay away with your plans please!

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