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Safety Improvements to Warley ward roads

by jamesbaker on 13 February, 2013

I just wanted to let people know of three changes that look set to be happening in Warley ward.

Roils Head Road

The first changes relates to part of Roils Head Road, up from the Workhouse Lane junction into Norton Tower. Currently this stretch of road is national speed limit. However as Norton Tower will be part of the new 20 mph zone, there is a proposal to reduce the speed limit to 30 mph. National guidelines do not recommend that you go from a 60 mph limit down to a 20 mph limit, so reducing the speed of traffic coming into the new 20 mph should make it more effective. – Roils Head Road


There have been persistent problems with parking just outside of Mount Pellon Junior and Infants School. The proposals seek to restrict parking at times when children are entering and leaving the school. Along with zig-zag safety markings, this will help ensure that children are safer when walking to or leaving school.  – QueensWay

Doctors Hill

There is a blind corner at the bottom of Sandbeds Rd, which is inside the proposed Pellon 20 mph zone. In order to slow down traffic towards this junction it is proposed to extend the 20 mph zone along Doctors Hill. I know residents are concerned with HGV’s attending the building site at Fountain Head speeding along this piece of road so this in my view a welcome improvement.  – Doctor Hill

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