Man behind NHS data grab is caught out

Man behind scheme spins false promises of confidentiality 

Tim Kelsey is the NHS’ National Director for Patients and Information. He is the one of the main driving forces behind this data-grab of our health records. After pushing to get the Sunday Times to change their article  Kelsey has taken to twitter to try and claim confidential information won’t be passed on without consent.



Caught out – Emails from the Department of Heath prove Kelsey’s claim is false. 

I’ve contacted the Department of Health with my concerns about this scheme. Correspondence from the department categorically states that the NHS can give out identifiable data held in medical records without consent.  It is totally unacceptable the director for patients and information is telling people this will never happen.

“With regard to consent, the giving of consent is just one way that a person’s identifiable data held in their medical record may be viewed legally.  There are other legal ‘gateways’ that allow access without consent, such as when it is in the public interest to disclose information, as in preventing the spread of a communicable disease, or where a researcher can show that consent is too difficult to obtain and that researcher has secured statutory approval from the Secretary of State to access the data.  Only where consent is the legal basis for disclosure can a person withhold their consent.” – Malcolm Jones Ministerial Correspondence and Public Enquirers  (My bold emphasis).


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