Road safety improvements to Gibbet Street

Over the past months (we are getting towards a year!) Calderdale Council has been consulting with local resident for a proposed  20mph zone for the Pellon area. The consultation showed a majority of residents were in favour of introducing the 20mph zone, and the zone if set to be introduced towards the end of March this year.

However in developing the scheme it was considered that because Gibbet Street is a bus route, having the whole length of the road at 20mph would add to journey times, and affect bus time tables. Therefore it is proposed that the road will switch between 20mph and 30mph. One key area where the road will be 20mph is outside of Halifax High School. Obviously with lots of children, and being busy at rush hour this area is a priority for road safet measures.

It is these reasons why the highways department have proposed traffic calming measures around the school to help enforce the new 20mph zone that will be introduced. One thing I have mentioned already is that a filter lane/marking is needed for people turning right into Halifax High School. Currently this isn’t proposed on the measures, but hopefully the suggestion can be incorporated.

If you have any views on these measures, then please do get in touch with me. My contact details should be easy to find on this website!

Proposed traffic calming on Gibbet Street – 72-715-101 Gibbet Street Calming pdf (3) (1)

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