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Youth Polices

We have been carrying out some work recently on Youth Polices. These were written with Hebden Royd Town Council in mind, however if they prove successful then I am hopeful that some of the ideas could be taken up across the rest of the borough of Calderdale.

Craig Whitall one of our members in Hebden Bridge has posted up the polices on-line in a post on his website. If this policy area interests you then I would encourage you to take a look and provide us with any ideas, comments or insights you may have.

We are trying to be active to encourage young people who already play an important part in our communities to take on an even greater roll. It is hoped that this in turn could encourage greater economic participation, and a reduction in the number of Young people who are  NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) .

Tackling Speeding around Warley ward

Speeding traffic across Warley ward has been a persistent problem. Enforcement from the Police is only one to tackle this problem. Other solutions include traffic calming measures such as speed humps, gateways and traffic islands, or reducing speed limits.

The Council’s Speed Indicator device on Moor End Rod

Unfortunately engineering solutions come with quite a big price tag attached, and in the current climate of Calderdale Council having to make budget cuts there isn’t much money available for this type of work. Reducing speed limits is another route to take. Myself along with Cllr Ashley Evans have been campaigning for 20mph zones in those areas where residents are requesting them.

In order to build up evidence of where speeding presents the biggest problem we can deploy the Council’s Speed Indicator Device (SID). This device both warns motorists that are travelling to fast, and collects statistics. We are able to then use these statistics to present a body of evidence as to where speeding is occurring. The results the device generates are colour coded with a traffic light system, and the Police will prioritise enforcement in areas that get coded red.

We have been out recently on Moor End Rd with SID, collecting data. We also invited residents along to see this in operation, and to raise any concerns they have about speeding in the area. My main worry is that Police enforcement does not seem to be having an effect on this problem. Moor End Rd has for years been a known spot where cars speed, and as the results show this is still a problem.

I will be pressing for engineering works on the road, particularly on the corner at the top in order to reduce speed.

Moor End Road 2 (2)