What the hell have the Lib Dems done?

If you live in Halifax at the moment you will have noticed the vast amount of literature the Conservatives are paying to get produced, and paying to get other people to deliver for them. We don’t have anything like the £10,000s the Conservatives are throwing at this election. Nevertheless I thought I would list some of the Liberal Democrat’s achievements in governments, so you can read on here some of the things we have done.

  • Scrapped ID cards
  • Introduced universal free school meals for 5-7 year olds.
  • Brought back the pensions earnings link (triple lock) that Margret Thatcher had scrapped.
  • Delivering an £825 tax cut to over 26 million people by raising the income tax threshold to £10,600 in 2015, with over 3 million low paid people being taken out of having to pay income tax at all
  • Introduced shared parental leave.
  • Blocked Conservative plans to fire workers at will.
  • Created the pupil premium giving millions extra to help the education of the most economically deprived school children.
  • Merged health and social care.
  • Doubled the amount of renewable energy.
  • Created a green investment bank.
  • Blocked Conservative plans to run schools for a profit.
  • Introduced automatic workplace pensions that everyone is enrolled  on.
  • Created a law that ensures 0.7& of GDP goes to overseas aid.
  • Banned clamping on private land.
  • Blocked the Snoopers Charter.
  • Legalized equal marriage so gay people can now get married.
  • Ended child detention for immigration purposes.
  • Ended the rule forcing people to buy a pension annuity at 75
  • Invested over £1 billion to crack down on tax avoidance, raising an extra £9 billion per year by 2015
  • Reformed libel law.
  • Frozen fuel duty.
  • Created over 2 million new apprenticeships since 2010.
  • Scrapped the beer duty escalator.
  •  Removed innocent people from the DNA database.
  • Introduced the Green Deal, letting people pay for energy efficient home improvements with the savings on their energy bills


Cloud remains over Labour’s parliamentary selection

A cloud remains hanging over the controversial selection of Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Halifax. After the MP Linda Riordan announced she was standing down a fight ensured over who would be the next Labour candidate. It is well reported that the Unite Union wanted to put Karen Murphy into this seat, but that the Labour party executive excluded her from the shortlist. Unite have labelled the decision a ‘good old fashioned stitch up. A further converter occurred after the well liked local Labour Councillor Jenny Lynn also failed to make the short list. It’s reported in the Guardian that 130 local Labour party members were excluded in the vote. In the end Labour have selected a 28 year old women called Holly Walker-Lynch. Holly works as one of the researchers of a Labour MEP.

Mohammad Ilyas launches Halifax Parliamentary Campaign

The Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Halifax Mohammad Ilyas opened his campaign office on Hopwood Lane last Saturday to mark the start of his election campaign.  Mohammad who lives in Halifax is the first ever British Pakistani candidate to have been selected to contest the seat.


Mohammad joined the Liberal Democrats in 2002 and has never been a member of any other party. He is a firm believer in having a fair, free and open society for all regardless of class, colour or religion. A hard working individual who has strong beliefs of liberal values, Mohammad is a firm believer that local people need a change that offers hope for a better future.

Mohammad is an experienced campaigner and represented the Liberal Democrats in the Park Ward, Calderdale as a Councillor from 2008 till 2012. The seat had previously never been held by the Liberal Democrats, having always been a Labour strong hold.

Mohammad feels that Halifax needs a local campaigner who lives in the area and is willing to fight for the local people. Over recent years, he has campaigned on many local issues. These have included:

  • Talking to local faith groups into understanding the liberal rights of gay men and lesbians.
  • Fighting to provide necessary parking for local residents.
  • Successfully campaigned to remove illegal dumping in local area.

Mohammad is of Pakistani origin and moved to this country in 1973. He currently lives in Halifax and is married with 4 children. He is self-employed and runs a Driving School.

Speaking at the launch Mohammad said “I want to fight to bring different communities closer together in Halifax. Liberal Democrats as a party believe in a tolerant society in which everyone regardless of class, colour, sexuality or religion can co-exist peacefully alongside each other.”

Councillor James Baker said “Whilst the likes of UKIP play on fear of people who are different we offer a different vision. A vision of hope in which people of different backgrounds work together to build a peaceful, tolerant and understanding society. It is in celebration and respect of our differences that we will build that society, and I am proud to be working towards that goal with Mohammad and the Halifax Liberal Democrat team.

12 Community groups in Warley benefit from 5K funding pot I established

12 Community groups in Warley ward have benefited from the first year’s worth of a five thousand pound a year community funding scheme. I established this £5k budget for each of the wards when it was passed as a Liberal Democrat budget amendment at the 2014 budget Council meeting.

I’m a firm believer that the Council should work closely with community groups, and the activities that these groups carry out represent good value for money. The Council provides a small amount of funds to help with the projects people in the ward think up, but it’s the ideas and energies of local residents that make the projects happen. This is my idea of Liberalism in action, a Council that works with people, and tries to help empower them to improve their lives in partnership with them.

You can download a full report of the panel meeting to determine the funding below

Warley panel reports


Name of Group Project Title How much applied for Approved
2 The Addy Community Pellon Easter Arts & Crafts £499.77  200
3 International group, Christ Church Graveyard tidy up £350  200
4 Wednesday Lunchbox Food with Friends £500  500
5 12th Halifax Boys Brigade Replacement table tennis table £500  500
6 Neighbourhood Award planning Committee Our Communities neighbourhood awards event. £500  500
7 West View Park Fun Day Committee West View Park Family fun Day £500  500
8 Mt Tabor Rainbows Mt Tabor Rainbows £500  250
9 Mount Tabor Guides Improvements to Guiding at Mount Tabor Guides. £475  250
10 Mount Tabor Community Caring Association Senior Citizens day outing £500  500
11 St Columbas JFC Football in the Community £500  500
12 SharX SharX activities £500  500

Council accepts ownership of pavement affected by stone theft

Some good news for residents living on Dicken’s Street who have been affected by recent stone theft. The Safer Cleaner Greener team has accepted that his bit of payment is owned by Calderdale Council. As such the Council will repair the pavement with another material or find similar stones to replace the ones that were stolen. As soon as I know when this work will be carried out I will let you know.

Smeared by Labour for having a job


The following is a tweet from a Labour Councillor who is the wife of the Labour leader Tim Swift. In it she attacks me for working in Manchester. I make no secret of the fact I have a job in the real world, this part-time job involves a day a week in Manchester, which is not untypical for many residents in Calderdale who commute. Despite this I have attended more Council meetings in the past year than either of the two Labour Councillors in warley ward (you can look this up yourself). As they say if you want something done ask someone busy. I’ve always worked since I was first old enough to have a job, and I work hard for Warley ward.  Apparently  Labour frown on  this, and people working for a living to support their family. Perhaps they would prefer it if people were only represented by career politicians?





AGM of Friends of West View Park – 18/3/15

The Friends of West View Park group is going from strength to strength and has really taken it off since former Liberal Democrat Councillor Ashley Evans and myself came up with the idea and worked with Council officers to get this group established. Tomorrow

Friends Of West View Park group Meeting/AGM

Time: 6.30pm

Date: Wednesday 18th March 2015

Venue: New Hope United Reform Church Warley Road.

The following is  a message explaining how you can apply for one of the officer positions of the group?

At the Annual General Meeting of the Friends of West View Park on Wednesday 18 March 2015, all Officer positions will be open for election.  If you are interested in holding the position of Chairperson, Secretary or Treasurer, please send your nomination by email to friendsofwestviewpark@hotmail.co.uk

Or by post to The Secretary,

14 Warley Grove, Highroad Well, Halifax


Closing date for nominations

Monday 16 March 2015

Warley Action Day






Thanks to everyone who attended my re-election campaign action day last Sunday, and for everyone who has got in touch saying they can help deliver some leaflets, make a donation or put up a poster. We had around 15 people out and help at various points during the day, and it’s been a real help in delivering letters to people and a report on the budget Council meeting.

If you can help join the campaign team then please get in touch.


Road clousure planned for Brackenbed lane

Notice has been given of a road closure order that will effect Brackenbed Lane from its junction with Hebble Gardens and Greenroyd Lane for a distance of approximately 80 metres.  The road will be closed from 23/03/15 and remain in force until 05/04/15.

The alternative route is via the unaffected part of Brackenbed Lane, Hebble Lane, Shroggs Road, Ovenden Road, Orange Street Roundabout, Burdock Way Slip Roads, Pellon Lane, the unaffected part of Brackenbed Lane and vice versa.